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Welcome to the author page of Ronna Gage, author of Erotic Romance.

Ronna has been writing for several years now. I guess story ideas come easily to me; I have been entertaining people with them all my life, but decided to share with the world in 2005. As I look around, I find characters in all walks of life surrounding me. I write stories that are believable, realistic, and empowering to all couples who want to show affection and love in their lives. My writing adds that special touch of pleasure, with a positive view of erotic romance and love, blending for a story filled with happiness and arousal to the point of breathless satisfaction.

Erotic romance shouldn't be viewed as game of sex, but it should be enjoyed for the gift it really is….LOVING.

So browse around, read a bit, and say hi!



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July 2016 Ronna Gage's Vampire  Chronicles Book 2 is now out 

Afternoon Delight was named Amazon Editor's pick for May 2016 for short story. 

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June 6, 2011

Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

        Marty Novak insisted that he’d never change a person’s life for love and his pleasure. For centuries, he lived by that self imposed code. Now, he is contemplating a change of heart for not only his own pleasure, but to save the life of the woman he loves.


Carleena Freeman loved life and lived it to the fullest. Love and happiness fills her now that she’s found the perfect man. But when she learns she is sick, and it could keep them apart her life is further complicated by the secret Marty has been keeping. Will he truly be the perfect man for her? Will he love her to the end? So many questions, so many tangled answers.






Ronna's First Menage

Three Hearts One Love

By: Ronna Gage

ISBN: 1-61034-619-X

Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys

Dr. Karma Rodden has fallen completely and madly in love with Dylan McCoy. A professional rodeo star and rancher whose caring nature is the perfect match to her Veterinarian skills.

Then on the other hand, she has fallen in love with Jaxon Hollister, A young, hot shot, lawyer about to make partner in his firm. His sexy, living on the edge life style

lifts her adventurous side to the surface and together they can conquer the world.

Who does she give up?  Who should she keep—the one she loves the most or the one she uses for her pleasure?  It is enough to make a girl throw caution to the wind and keep them both….if society would only allow it.

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys]

A Siren Erotic Romance

Available at  



Works In Progress:

 Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

Coming to America Book 2

Germany had too many people growing into it, now America looked far more better. so off to freedom and the land of opportunity.


 Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

Living the American Dream Book 4

Fighting in one war is one way to earn your citizenship into America from Germany.


Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

 the Good Old Southern Way Book 5

What a great place to find new friends, and make a few, have fun, and become the most eleigavle bachelors of the town, and perform your favorite hobbies, fight like a bull and fuck like a tiger.



Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

Hello Texas! Book 6

Greg meets Prudence Stacey, the love of his life, the woman he married, and yet the wife who let him. For over 100 years she has been gone, he has mourned her, left with the what if", the "what might have been" as well as the "would've,  should've, and could've" stresses of regrets. How is he to get over her? Find another woman Just like her.  One who has her spirit, her enthusiasm, the same that makes her the same as as heis Prudence.


Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

Kindred Spirits Book 6

Greg finds the real meaning of Kindred Spirits and the many types thereof. Like love you always find a kindred spirit just like yours.


Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

Private Prey Book 7

 Re meet 2 of out favorite characters Wolfe and Lucen Twonsend. Here out brthers meet two women who well, find themselves being stoked and the other being held agaist her will in a hostage situations. Let's see which vbrother is connected to which wife. IN Private Prey 



Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

Blood Bait Book 8


A gift from Arch Angels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel a warrior for the Earth to see: a woman with  love for mankind, the power of God's blessing and the skill to kill....the undead! 


I am currently working on 3 Halloween projects and hope at least one of them is picked up for this Halloween.

One Bite Away, Private Prey and Halloween Treat.



                      Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles Book 1

                                           One Bite Away                                                   



Martin Novak insisted that he’d never change another person’s life for love and his pleasure. For centuries he lived by that self-imposed code. Now, he is contemplating a change of heart for not only his own pleasure, but to save the life of the woman he loves. Carleena loved life and lived it to the fullest. Love and happiness fills her now that she’s found her perfect man. But when she learns she is sick, and it could keep them apart, her life is further complicated by the secret Marty has been keeping. Will he truly be the perfect man for her? Will he love her to the end? Is her hope for everlasting happiness only…One Bite Away?


Excerpt 1:

Carleena took in the wondrous sight of Marty’s backside. Taut butt cheeks filled out his black jeans to perfection. Broad shoulders spanned above a strong back. I wonder if his arms are as strong as they look. Marty turned around and came up short. Carleena felt the burning in her cheeks. Did he just catch me looking him over?

“Hello?” His eyes brightened.

“Hello,” Carleena said, and then put on her best smile. Please look like you are in charge of your destiny.

“Are you having a good night?” He placed one hand on his right hip.

“Yes, thank you.”

“What can I do for you this evening?”

“You can answer a nagging question. If you have time to…”

“Sure, what’s your question?”

“I’ve been told you’re a good dancer. Is that true?” Is that a good opening line or what?

He grinned. “Depends on who you ask? But I’ve been told I’m…adequate.” Marty said in return.

She smiled. He’s being coy. “Are you willing to prove it?”


By the smug smile on his face, Carleena realized Marty liked being chased. He played the elusive target well. Probably from years of practice. “I was wondering if you’d care to dance…with me?” She asked in a voice soft and low, failing to add to the confident person she tried to claim herself to be at that moment.

He cocked an eyebrow, “What makes you such a good judge of my performance?”

“I’m a dance instructor at the Community Center.”

“Ah,” he looked to the floor. “It’s a slow one. I guess we can take a quick spin and let you…evaluate…my dance steps.He led Carleena to the center of the dance floor. A strum of a violin drifted until it led into a crashing boom. The tempo picked up, and Marty wrapped his right hand under her arm, cupping her shoulder blade, applying just the right amount of pressure. His strong left hand held her right arm upright, at her eye level. The strong brace of his hand against her back sent a wave of thrills through her veins. Butterflies bounced in and out of her stomach. He took a step forward, she followed.

“Good lead,” she commented

He gave a gentlemanly nod, “Thank you.”

This was her element. Here she could be the winner of any battle of the sexes. He crossed his left leg over his right and extended his arms as Carleena gracefully executed a develope’ with her right leg, eliciting gasps from the onlookers and made her swoon at the sheer romance of it all. “Lovely,” she gasped.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

The lyrics of the song touched her soul. His gaze stayed on hers while he gently lifted her to stand.

“I know who you are,” he whispered in her ear, and watched her smile at the comment. “I feel like I have awakened from a dull dream.”

“Pretty words from someone who doesn’t even know my name.”

He spun her around, her back against his rock hard chest. She wanted him to touch her. The heat of his body sent lustful shivers down her spine. “Carleena!” he whispered. The warmth of his breath in her ear warmed her womanly core. Her pussy’s dew moistened her nether lips. “But I don’t know your last name.”

She looked over her shoulder, her gaze captured his. “Freeman. And what is yours?”

“Novak, Martin Novak, Marty to my friends,” He lifted his left hand, not too high, just enough, to lead her into an underarm turn to face him again. “But you already knew that didn’t you?”

She shrugged it off. “Never hurts to be formally introduced. Oh, good turn by the way.”

“Thanks.” He scooted her across the dance floor. “I’ve waited a lifetime for you.”

Her smile deepened automatically. The sentiment was nice and nothing she’d expected from Marty. “That’s new. I’ll give you that.” She looked around the dance floor. “I think the song ended.”

“And a little too soon to my liking.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, not catching his meaning until the words left her mouth.

He smiled down at her, held her close for a few lingering seconds. “I don’t want to stop dancing quite yet.”

She chuckled, regaining her control. “But there is no music, Mr. Novak.”

“Shh,” he placed his finger over her lips. “Call me Marty.”

Carleena felt the pit of her stomach suddenly drop out; his deep gaze and soft spoken words sent out a vibe of want to match her silent call for the same. She turned to walk away. He grasped her arm firmly.

“Don’t walk away. I can’t let you.”

“Oh really, Marty? And why shouldn’t I just walk away?”

“I’m afraid if you do, there will be no more tomorrows for me.” A new song began. He took her in his arms again and swayed gently with the music.

“I did answer my original question. You can dance. But now I’m afraid I’m plagued with another one.”

“I can’t have you plagued with anything. What can I help you with now?”

“How did I bring about you having no more tomorrows?”

“You are a breath of life in my lonely existence.”

Carleena looked deeply into his gaze to find a slight indication of teasing at her expense. She found he may have to be taken seriously. This guy is way too smooth. His gaze remained on her. She felt uncomfortable in his scrutiny. “What are you staring at?”

“The blush on your cheeks and the stain of red on your lips.”

“What about them?” she tried to be the alpha female but it came out a little rough.

“They entice me to do things I really shouldn’t think about.”

“Like what?” she dared.

His head eased down to hers. “To taste just one of the areas I’ve wanted to savor for the past hour.”

Her tongue nervously stroked over her bottom lip while a small shutter of expectancy and angst blasted her body. Suddenly, she burst out laughing before he could place the kiss on her lips. “You’re creative; I’ll give you that one too.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. “Thanks for…”

The music picked up. “Let’s see what you can really do, teacher.” He led her in a frantic Hustle danced to a Euro-techno beat, and for one moment, time stood still for them while the dance continued.

“I know I’m bad and cocky, but I do like to have fun,” he confessed as her dress twirled when he led her through a double overhead wrap. His eyes took in every inch of her long and toned dancer’s legs.













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Whipped Cream Review: Love Lessons

"If you want a quick story that's got lots of heat, then you need to rad Love Leswson. I give it 3.5 cherries."

    Reviewer; Tiger Lily



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