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The Evolution of the Vampire

Posted by Ronna Gage on May 25, 2016 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

                                 The Evolution of the Vampire


Blog by Ronna Gage

Today’s blog I’d like to carefully compare the evolution and the adaptation of the vampire through the years of the lifetime and history of the vampire. The growth and changes through the authors, readers, and at times the directors, eyes as well. We will see changes they made from the first version to the updated version of the same movie themselves, or of other vampires.

Example, we will compare the original Bram Stoker’s Dracula –a top selling book of its time—to the updated version of itself.

We will critique the differences of An Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice, against the Vampire Heroes of today in romance novels such as: The Virgin Witch and the Vampire King by Trinity Blacio, Undone (Vampire Awakenings,)by Brenda K. Davies. **This cover looked awesome, plus I liked it. ** Must we not forget the good old television Series: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and I, personally, couldn’t wait for Friday nights when Moonlight starring Alex O’ Laughlin as vampire detective Mick St. John showed weekly episodes of crime solving mysteries, friendships made, and trusts built and love bonds growing between he and his co-star. Now, he’s a former Naval Commander on Hawaii 5-0 and I still love Friday nights. I set up popcorn, sodas, and sliced pickles, movie food at the house, and the cast of Hawaii—nothing like it.

What’re the differences most of our audiences notice today about the blood thirsty fiend of today? They are hotter, cuter, younger I’d say no more than twenty something—or just the right age for them to have a wild night of passion in the arm of a mater seducer. The books we write both as authors and screen writers make them romantic enough the readers forget they are deadly at will, and are a championed hero.

What do we notice right away? The new vampire can live forever. Do they take advantage of the electronic age and gain a new education? Take a chance and improve their cognitive expansion of understanding and intellect of an even better and a smarter understanding on the subjective roles of each rebuilt life or future ahead of them. Do they learn by the by the school of hard knocks? Does this group of young misfits worry about their death and where it leads once they are dead? I do wonder how to kill them off and what they do wonder about the area that all vampires go. Is it like the same place where broken hearts? It is an interesting question? Is there redemption in heaven once a vampire and his or her soul are reunited? Does a vampire who is turned against his will get to be forgiven?

Two, today’s vampires are able to conceive. How is this possible? The undead cannot make live sperm, there are no reproductive hormones. I’m confused on this one. I think it is very unrealistic for this one to happen. Even if you have a fertility ring in your pussy, or around your cock, a shaman’s necklace of jumping beans on your neck and ankles like a bracelet, and a Mayan fertility goddess praying for your conception while you make love in front of her and the group of Pagan worshipers lying in a fertile jungle in in Cozumel. I’m not sure even this grand boost of fertile showmanship could get a vampire to a point of conceiving. Yet, on the Twilight, the heroine did have baby. We weren’t sure if it was the vampire’s or the werewolf. I’m just not buying it. Sorry.

Three, today’s vampire is able to work in the sunlight. The younger group has a day ring, which allows them to work or socialize in the sun without bursting out in flames as told over and over again. The vampire’s evolution to withstand the sun’s effects is a scientific terms adaptation—adapting to one’s environment so one can flourish and thrive.)

The vamps in my story, Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles I use the sun allergy called, polymorphic light eruption, also known as sun poisoning. This allows the evolution of the vampire’s death from by sun. I can’t help the other forms of death at this time, but I have made reasons for what they do to the vampire’s bodies. At one time in old vampire books, a vampire faced death by a stake of wood through the heart, a flaming cross on his forehead, and Holy water on his face. Ow! Or, he faces beheading. This is part of the new vampires defeat. There are new ways to defeat the vampire. One is the death by behead, facing the Vampirean Council and allowing them to determine the vampire’s fate.

In the movie, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, (1930) All of us watched in curious anticipation as the old man greeted Jonathan, the new accountant, to Count Dracula’s estate. Some of us bit on our lips hoping this man would get out of the house alive. Especially after Dracula sees a picture of Harker’s young bride to be and encourages him; Jonathan to stay with him. ‘A storm rages and will be upon us soon.’

Harker graciously accepts the invitation. Whoops.

“Oh no” Jonathan we rage at the television!”

I watched that whole movie and was awed by the fact that no vampires blew up in the sun’s rays or burned to a crisp. I realize I watched the updated version with Gary Oldman and Keanu Reeves; I like them better I guess.

The differences between these movie versions: The vampire turns Willy into a vampire only if she drinks his blood. She is turned when she drinks the pure blood of his heart. I asked myself…What is this? Dancing With Wolves? You eat the hot or warm heart of a kill?

Let’s also keep in mind, in this earlier version; the only possible way to kill this vampire compared to this updated version (1993) was cutting off the head. Wilhelmina is the woman Count Vlad III “The Impaler” Dracula loves most in this world for she looks most like his betrothed from a century ago, is the only woman who can kill him, or he will strike at anyone who will try to attack him. In the updated movie, Mina takes him to a temple, and places him on the center floor and professes her love to her gallant prince, and then cuts his head off after a final kiss. This cutting off the head is still used in some romance novels today.

So, to sum this one up; Dracula can drink blood only, He does sit with Johnathan as he dines, but he claims he dines early in the evening. Wilhelmina is changed into a vamp by drinking his blood. Dracula can age and become younger at will, He is a master at seduction…lucky woman. Sun doesn’t set him aflame, and cutting his head off is his demise. He can shift change to a demon, he can become vaporous to kill his follower, and the former accountant of his estate; Mr. Renfield and he can become younger, show emotion, calm animals with his emotions and mind. In all, he is a sensitive man when he wants to be, but a tyrant when he fights. Bram Stoker patterned this character after Ivan the Horrible.

In the original Movie, Count gives the vampire women a baby to feed off of in his absence. They are told not to turn Harker, but keep him busy. In the updated version, the women are given a hors

Real life tidbit: The original actor, who played Dr. Van Helsing, Herbert Lon believed himself to be a vampire. He even drank blood of people who volunteer to give him their blood.

Let’s find evolutions and or adaptations in Anne Rice’s An interview with a Vampire.(1995 ) I chose this one well because it is a great movie about vampires, and I love Brad Pitt’s long hair back then and Tom cruise isn’t too bad either. No, he’s great. The history and synopsis to this story I feel is one of survival of the spirit, living forever isn’t as romantic as it sounded—especially for a child waiting to grow up with a mother, be an adult, and be normal. Brad Pitts character Louie. He lost his family, he lost a home in which he was the head of his family and his plantation. In this case he tried to survive this loss. He meets Lestat and thus turns him into a vampire, and now Louis has a forever lifetime to remember his pain. Enters Claudia, a young girl sitting beside her dying mother’s bedside crying for her to wake up while she too falls ill. In the days Black Plague people were dying everywhere. In order for Louis to have a ‘family’ he had to turn this little girl to have one. Regretfully, Claudia is changed and becomes both Lestat’s and Louis’ adopted child.

Ronna Gage Vampire Chronicles

I have seven installments invested in this series. Book one has already came out. I took chance on the vampire romance and found it was much harder than I thought it would be. So many things didn’t sit well with me. Sun burned them to a crisp, couldn’t maintain their e own lands and properties, only worked at night so their faces are pale white almost like liquid paper? None of that made one bit of sense to me. I adapted my vampires; Marty and Greg to adjust to their environment over the years, and viola, there you go. No day rings, not working in the night hours only, although too much sun does make one weak. So of course most socializing is done in the evening.

In the first book I ask the reader to ponder the question; would you allow yourself to be changes into a vampire knowing it out and you would live forever? Knowing or not that at your death you may or may not go to heaven.

It does give you something to think about doesn’t it?

Have a wonderful day, Ronna Gage.


                            Bibliography Page


I have found a site containing 480 quotes. I’d like to share a few with you now.


2. “There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.”

― Bram Stoker, Dracula

Key words: darkness light mina van-helsing

3. “Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.”

― Bram Stoker, Dracula tags:

Tags: entrapment, supernatural,

4. Wikipedia ***I for some reason like this one.

All these books: can be bought at Amazon, and at Barnes and Noble at and at their individual publisher


















PARADISE MINE From Landy to Rae Anne

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As the song goes, Tonight I want to give it all to you...I want to see the magic in your me wild!

My heart is yours,


PARADISE MINE Character Notes and Dedications

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To Landy Laurent from Rae Anne Jamison

Hurry back to me safely from Iraq and rememer,

You are my hero. Look inside your heart and i will be there.

I love you!

Rae Anne


Writing For Your Readers Entertainment

Posted by Ronna Gage on June 26, 2010 at 9:07 PM Comments comments (0)

I got this idea from a conversation at my support group, Ronna Gage Group on Yahoo. Two of the members were having a conversation on the writing style of a particular author and the question of why should we show instead of tell a story? So I thought I would comment and use this topic as a blog. Thanks Karyn and James for this idea.


When you decide to write your story you sit and invest time, money, and imagination into it. You write about the facts of history for that historical, you suggest a character’s feelings of what they see and hear. As an author you created a good story. Unfortunately, if you don’t spend the time to bring your character’s world into focus for the reader, they will be lost, bored, and eventually stop reading. Your reader wants intrigue, drama, romance, and of course passion. Basically, an escape from their own world and set backs. They want a hero to fall for and a heroine to be like—or the other way around. And when you 'show' actions, emotions, etc. you give the reader a sense of being in that world.


You want your reader to fall in love with your characters; want to live in the world you’ve created, keep telling themselves “Okay, I’ll stop reading after this chapter, Maybe after this one because I have to get cook dinner.” Suddenly, it’s two chapters later and the kids are interrupting the story because they are hungry.


Sound familiar? Sure does to me. Time goes by so fast when I’m reading or creating a good book.

It is the responsibility of the author to give every possible detail of the universe you created to transform them into your book and witness the stories characters traverse the plots to the ending.


So, how can you make this possible you ask? Simple, write in the here and now. Sit down and let your imagination run wild. Focus on the descriptive and the sensory clues to the reader.

Here is an example of descriptive clues from Mystic Journey by Ronna Gage

Drake looked at the building and saw it was dark.


What do you think the reader is asking him or herself? For one, I’m thinking, where is he at right now? What kind of building is he looking at?



In the book it reads like this;

Drake scanned the dark perimeter of the building—no activity. In this light, it was difficult to see it as little more than a rusted out, metal structure. The last evidence of a former sheet metal company—long gone since it moved to a more lucrative spot in the business district.



Even with the usage of ‘was’ in my manuscript, I am able to give the reader clues to the ‘sights’ as viewed by Drake.


Another way this could have been written;

Drake scanned the dark perimeter of the building—no activity. In this light, the building didn’t look more than a rusted out, metal structure. The last evidence of a former sheet metal company—long gone since it moved to a more lucrative spot in the business district.


As you get stronger in your skill, you learn to rephrase and restructure sentences to tantalize the reader and engage them into your characters.


Sensory descriptive example


Zander looked at Angelique. She was beautiful.

Is the reader engaged with Zander and his emotions toward Angelique? I wouldn’t be as a reader. I would wonder what made her look beautiful to him.


 Now, let’s add the ‘show’ skill.

Excerpt from Blood Bait a work in progress

Zander looked and his breath caught in his throat. Never had he seen a more beautiful baby as his little girl. His eyes scanned her face and took in every detail. Rosy cheeks, Soft tufts of hair curling into a long half roll on top her head, and perfectly rounded lips. She yawned; Zander chuckled at the sweetness in this little babe’s face and almost sobbed with the swelling love growing in his heart.

Have I engaged you, the reader with this paragraph? Are you falling for Zander’s gentleness toward his daughter? Can you almost witness the bond of father and daughter?

Are you misty eyed, breath taken, and wishing for more? I hope you said yes.

Writing in the here and now you show details, not tell the story.


This skill is not a difficult task, but it is time consuming, and in my opinion, very critical to your success as a published author. Remember, for every one aspiring author that is successful, ten is rejected for various reasons, but the one most common—poor writing style.


Each paragraph, page, and chapter ask yourself.


What does it look like? This usually describes the setting. What the character sees in the surroundings, the other characters---this is where you can detail your character's looks.



What does it feel like emotionally and physically? Soft touches, stinging slap of her hand...

His heart swelled with love and he almost sobbed.



What does it sound like? Dialog, thunderstorms, birds singing, music in background. etc. All things needed to transform the reader to your 'imagery movie'



What does it taste like? This is great to describe a kiss, oral sex, the distinction between tastes of food. The sour pickle, the sweet watermelon.




I have a few links on my yahoo group for you to view if you are interested. A book I can recommend that I have used is This Year You Write Your Novel by Walter Mosley.


Lots of success, best wishes, and most of all, have fun!

Ronna Gage!

My Romance Divine Titles

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Are now available at Barnes and Noble as e-books.


Love Lessons


Darian Spenser was raised in a world of social correctness, manners and cotillions. Her mother's plans certainly did not include Darian's college sweetheart, Davis Chancellor. Yet it would be Davis who nurtures and releases Darian's inner vixen. Darian learns there's more to life than where to place and how to use the fish fork when Davis begins his Love Lessons.


Friends and Lovers


Kena Bass found the man of her dreams in Dan Madison, and she made sure those dreams came true. When good friend Elana suffers a personal crisis, Kena and Dan come to her rescue, helping her sort out her feelings. Passions and lust are cast away on a houseboat filled with Friends and Lovers.

Happy Birthday to Ronna Gage

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Happy Birthday to Me!


Well, today, April 26, 2010 is the big 43. I can’t believe how fast a year can pass.

To celebrate the passing of another one, I am having a virtual birthday party!

Starting today and ending on Friday, come by with a birthday greeting; leave me the title of your favorite Ronna Gage book, and your e-mail. I will put this information into a box with the title’s name and then draw from it for a winner.


No, you don’t have to make it really hoakie, but I love cool card or graphics. Don’t spend $$, not necessary!


Here are the Ronna Gage and Sassy Sipe Titles


Just Ask

Afternoon Delight by Ronna

Tell Me a Lie by Ronna

From Freya’s Bower LLC


Mystic Journey

Available from Noble Romance LLC


Love Lessons

Friends and Lovers

Available from Romance Divine LLC


Have a wonderful day and may the Lord bless and keep you!

Love, hugs, and giggles,

Ronna Gage/Sassy Sipe

Can correcting a past mistake save a life in the future?

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Is it too hard to imagine?

Drake will soon find out when he goes back to forgive an accused woman's 'mistakes'





ISBN# 978-1-60592-060-3

Noble Romance




Paranormal/Time Travel/Historical



In the essence of time, few things are constant. However, two virtues remain steadfast, vengeance and love. One born of the other takes centuries to unravel and peace is nothing more than a tinge of silver lining the gray fog.


The second he dove under the water she scanned the river’s surface for him. He should come up soon. After a few seconds when she couldn’t find him, she called his name. At first, the echoes of her voice were indistinct. Her fingers grazed the water, while her eyes searched for him to come up. She willed her dream to become clear so she could call him, to find him, and to make sure he was all right.


“Drake!” She shouted.


Suddenly, he shot out of the water in front of her.


She screamed in surprise. He took her in his arms and crushed her breasts to his toned chest. Soft and hard met, heaven and hell mixed, and the feeling was delightfully sensual. She could hear faint breathing in her ear as each breath tickled her neck.


“That’s what you get for spying on a man while he bathes milady.”


Although in her dream she smiled, Sabine wondered why he called her milady? The heat of his flesh on hers distracted her too much to ask. She didn’t care about anything but the feel of his skin, his body, and his warmth on hers. The hair of his chest intimately brushed her nipples and her body became alert, and wanted more. For the first time she could recall, her dreams allowed her hero and her to touch, to speak to be with one another. She would enjoy the feel of him for the time her dream continued. He brushed gentle lips to her forehead. Her heart raced. Excitement ran rapid through her body. She savored every touch. Even standing waist deep in water, she felt the warmth her body generated with his. Drake’s hungry gaze made her nervous. His hand smoothed over her naked body and she trembled.


“Are you cold?”


“No,” she answered shaking her head. Her lips trembled.

He smiled. His thumb eased up to her chin and softly stroked it over her shivering lips. She gripped his biceps. Her body quivered at his touch. His skin was hot; passion burned his flesh and reflected in his eyes, much like hers.


He eased his lips to hers, “Sabine!” he whispered her name softly.


She almost didn’t hear it, but the taste of his hunger couldn’t be denied. How does he know my name? She answered his desperate whisper with a kiss that curled her own toes.


His large hands rested on her breasts. She inhaled in surprise and sighed as desire took over. Stretching her arms around his neck, she leaned into him while his other hand explored her body, sending shivers of intense craving through her again. He softly stroked her back stoking her desire. The touch of his hand awakened a need inside. He cupped her, and she pulled back.


“Do you want me to stop?”


She didn’t answer.


He eased her against a boulder that she hadn’t noticed by the small land island. The cold hard surface warmed within seconds. He trapped her within his arms as his body loomed over her. His biceps shook with exerted effort to bear his weight. She softly stroked the trembling muscles. His arms were rock hard….


Closing her eyes, she roamed her hands over him, cataloguing every inch of his body. His broad shoulders and chest. Her arms wrapped around him, and she smoothed a hand over his back, down to shapely firm buttocks. Her hand roamed to the downy hair around his hardness, her mouth watered. She grazed over it with her palms. The length and thickness exhilarated her. She opened her eyes. He inched his way down to her stomach, until his body’s intimate touch covered her.


He brushed a soft kiss to her lips, then pulled back, only to place another brush of his lips to hers. He teased her. She seized his lips to stop the teasing, but he turned the tables on her. He deepened the kiss until she became pliant against him. She wrapped her arms and legs around his waist and held on. He now had complete control.


He broke the kiss and looked intently into her eyes. His intent gaze penetrated her soul and filled her with longing and severe liking…or maybe even love? He positioned her legs apart and settled himself between them. He eased her arms to her sides and roamed his eyes over her body. His lips trailed sensual nips and kisses down her neck, to her breasts. He suckled softly. She hiccupped on a hiss of want. He bit her neck with a soft nip; it was enough to make her wetter. The muscles of her uterus contracted. She bucked her body to meet his. His hands roamed her body while his lips followed. He stroked his tongue over the sensitive area just above her pubic line, sending a powerful shooting pain into her womb.


“Sabine, if we don’t stop, I won’t be able to on my own,” his voice sounded hoarse. He took her lips and kissed her. His kiss relayed a sense of urgency.


Easing him back, she looked into his hooded eyes. Desire had taken over.

Confusion muddled her brain. Didn’t he realize what was going on between them? She pulled him closer. “It’s our destiny,” she whispered. She took his lips again.


She felt his body prickle with goose bumps under her hands and felt the tremble inside. Drake jerked her from the rock and into his arms. She clung to him as his aggressive need drove his body to act on instinct. He sealed his lips to hers, lifted her higher until she straddled his hips where he settled her.. He was about to enter her. She smiled knowing what was about to happen and welcomed it. Her lips came down to meet his.


She felt Drake stumble and loose his footing. The current overcame them, swept them both under and pulled her out of Drake’s arms. Blindly, she searched the now murky water with outstretched arms. She couldn’t find him—he was nowhere. Tears stung her eyes. Fear paralyzed her. He had to save her from her paralysis! The dream changed nothing; it gave her the sense of touch and snatched it away, leaving her vulnerable.


“Drake!” Her mind screamed.


Sabine jerked up from the water taking in huge gulps of air to fill her lungs. She searched, until realization dawned her. She was home, in her bed, and her dream was just that…a dream.

Lonely and angry she fluffed the pillows and lay back hoping to recount some small memory of it.

Calming herself down, she ran her tongue across her lips and jerked up. She licked her lips again. She could still taste him there. That taste of sweet clean water and ale.

Confused, she lay back down. It was a dream…wasn’t it?


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Hello and welcome to my release party. Thank you so much for dropping by. I am very excited about this release. Mystic Journey is my first paranormal, and with my wild imagination it crossed a few genre lines.

I?m sorry I can?t be here personally, but I would like to introduce you to a few friends: Serena, Drake, Sabine, and Gavin. Please introduce yourselves.

A young woman walks up. She is shy about meeting you so please bear with her.

Her long black hair falls down her back in cascades, her gown is emerald green and her eyes are grayish blue. With an innocent smile she greets you.


Hello, (swallows hard)

I'm Lady Serena Willard. I am a healer in my village. Although, I?m a lady of society, my parents allow me some measures of freedom. I practice the ancient order of Wicca. My practice is against King Henry?s rule, but deep inside I can?t let another human- being suffer and die without assisting in any way possible. A call throughout the country to bring in suspected witches begins my downfall. For my actions and beliefs I will die. One thing I regret, I have loved and lost two men in my life--one to his mission, the other to betrayal. I will find no rest in my death until true love is found under a foggy sun.


Next, we have Sabine Williams. (A glare from our guest of honor) excuse me, Dr. Sabine Williams--an ER attending who fears her uncontrollable need to heal. It?s as if she must make a life and death choice to do so. What keeps her from doing what she most loves and does so well?


Short spiked hair styled reminds us of a vogue model, but her mind is too brilliant, and her passion to high for vanity.



I am plagued by a haunting dream. I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, choking, and shaking, with the smell of burning flesh surrounding me. The jeers and curses of an angry mob echo in my ears. I can?t think to wonder if it is my being a doctor that naggers them. One thing keeps me sane, a gallant, knight injured in battle. He and I immediately connect, and in my dreams we find one another in a time of noble knights and virtuous ladies. Emotions blossom for a man I?ve never met, but I know I?m the healer not only his wounds, but of his hardened heart.


Thank you Sabine. Now, for the men. They are hot, noble, and handsome. Please welcome Drake Boyd, Detective.

Caught in the middle of life and death, he finds the answers he seeks for his own destiny.

A man of great stature, he struts his confidence in a dark blue polo, jeans, and bulging muscles. His dark brown hair barely touches the mid length of his collar. His smile is seductive, but his hazel eyes show his loneliness.




Well, my day didn?t end so well. I got my man all right. After months of surveillance I corner him in an abandoned warehouse. Armed with my weapon and a warrant, I at long last will have the final word.(smile on his face) ?you?re under arrest!? But, the sneaky Son-of-a-bitch shot me, (watch your language) Sorry, anyway, his shot sent me to a misty world of hell. Echoes of my past blended with the sounds of my present in broken pieces of memory. I awaken to hear a mystic call from a woman on a rock. She beckons me forward and I can?t resist the allure. I find myself in another time, playing a part in something I can?t understand. I have to right a wrong. The good news is I am in my element. The Lady sent me to the Medieval/Renaissance era, and being a history freak, I am living my dreams. One question still bothers me though. Whose right and whose wrong do I correct?


And now, may I introduce you to Sir Gavin Boydington, a gallant and noble knight regretting one thing?voicing his feelings.


His blue tunic barley hides his bulging toned legs. His leather clad muscles sow his definite male aura Chivalrous to a fault, he leaves all the ladies wishing to be with him.


Good Eve, My Lords, My Ladies, (He bows to his audience) I face a bleak future without the love of my life, Serena. You see, she was executed for the crime of witchcraft. Her practice of a Pagan religion targeted her for suspicion. I know she couldn?t commit these crimes, for she loved nature and it?s order. If I could relieve it all again, I wished for the chance to tell her how much I do love her, but I am a mere poor knight, and she a lady of noble society. But, her death only offers one thing for me. I will devote my life to spy for King Henry and my country. No life is worth living without my Serena.


These four individuals will happily live out their lives for you, as Drake takes a Mystic Journey through time, to a world so simple and yet, so evilly ignorant, it will make your head spin.

Please leave a comment to share with your thoughts.


Ronna Gage


Mystic Journey

Available 10/26/09

Detailing a Story

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Writing is a very tedious process. After many years and stories, an author will be able to automatically write a story in a matter of weeks, instead of months, and make details count. If you are new to this craft you will soon , if not already, realize just how tedious it can be. So, I would like to share some hints to help you along.


In my daytime job, I am a teacher. I teach 7th and 8th graders. I love this group of children. They can be so wonderful creatures. One minute, they have all the knowledge in the world. They can handle any problems that come along, fight thier way to the top. BUT, when they have a situation, like writing, that challenges their abilities, right away these bright, confident,boys and girls begin to doubt themselves and almost give up. As a teacher, I get to have that one moment of “I told you so!” Then I get to work.

I go over the poster in my room. The Steps of Writing!


1. Rough Draft- this is where the main ideas, the characters’ involvements, the plots begin. This is just the beginning. Where your idea forms, and you implement your research and your report or story together.


2.Second Draft- This is wehre you fill in the details paragraph by paragraph. (I ask a few basic questions that help to bring out such information.) Sensory assessments *What does it look like? *What does it smell like? * What emotions does the character react/act with, to the scene or other character?s around them, *What does it feel like in the scene? Is it hot, cold, warm, cool. These are great context clues to a paragraph. What is detailing any way? Clues to give the reader the idea of a season, a texture, a smell…sweet, savory, stinks…etc.


3. Editing- This is where you check for spelling words, usage of vocabulary, repeated phrases, crutch words, making sure the research fits the situation realistically.


4.Critiques- I added this one for manuscript writers like us. It is not in my classroom, although I am thinking of using this step. Astudent can get good feedback from a critique if it is done properly. Basically, this is where you send it to your critique partner or group for thier views, opinions, and suggestions. A good diverse group will be beneficial here.


5. Final Draft- The end result. This is the draft you send out to offer a publisher. Or, they turn in for a grade.


Some wonderful tools to use in your craft!, A dictionary- Of course. Thesaursus, grammar book usage, You can go to a librayary or bookstore in your area to get a great handbook. I suggest personally the Avoid Writer’s Hell handbooks by Faith Bicknell Brown. I use mine alot. Editing Bootcamp by Michele Bardsley. She has an official web page in which she helps authors in need. I will add this to the bottom.


Michele Bardsley’s Official Web Page


Faith Bicknell Brown


Avoid_Writer’s_Hell Yahoo Group


ATTENTION: this is an adult group with adult content i.e. erotic romance and erotica manuscripts, excerpts, etc. Please don’t join if you are under the age of 18.


Wild Child Publishing


Go to the home page, on the left margin look for Resourse Links, Inside is a host of wonderful tools for your use.


Noble Romace Publishing


Blog Tab, Jill Noble, the Sr.Editor for Noble Romnace write’s blogs to inform of new sites, new techniques, and other pertinent information for the new author.

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Sexy Excerpt Wednesday Tell Me A Lie

Posted by Ronna Gage on July 8, 2009 at 9:42 PM Comments comments (0)

this is one of my faves!

He leaned against the wall, cocked the longneck bottle of beer in his hand on a bended knee.


Ava’s mouth watered. She almost forgot what to say next. “Say that I look familiar.”


“Alright.” He turned to her, but more or less kept his shoulder anchored to the wall. “This may sound funny, but you look familiar. Have we met before?”


No one would get hurt or make more than what was in front of them if they keep it simple. “There you go.”


“Well, since we’re making it easy, I just got into town.”


Except she’d seen him at the coffee bar. Perhaps it was a lie, maybe the truth.


“How long are you in town for?” She took a step toward him but didn’t get closer than five feet.


“Not sure. I may plant roots here.”


His answers were evasive. Good idea. She took another step toward him and placed herself just out of his reach.


 “Are you married?”


Silence filled the space between them. Wrong question. She’d already seen him dispose of his wedding ring. Damn.


 “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer that one.”


His smile hesitant, he said, “Let’s just say…that subject is better left unsaid.”


“That’s fair.”


He finished the contents of his beer and threw the bottle at the dumpster. It landed inside. “Two points.”


The earlier tingles of desire turned to chills. She shook in the wake of the changes in her body. “Brrr.”


“Cold?” He took the final step and closed the distance between them. The feel of his body heat warmed her before he made physical contact.


She glanced into his eyes. They captured her attention. His intent hazel stare shone with a haunting emotion Ava couldn’t identify. Her heart raced. She swallowed to clear the bumping beat of her pulse in her throat. “A little.”


The scent of his cologne made her nipples pucker and sting.


He unzipped the front of his jacket. “Come here.”


Ava didn’t bother to question her move. She wanted this man and saw no reason to hide the fact. She eased into his open arms and let him wrap her in his jacket. His close proximity affected her in many ways. His woodsy fragrance calmed her, his toned body secured her, and the gentle caress of his arms comforted.


“Feel better?” he whispered in her ear. His breath teased the sensitive spot on her earlobe.


Goose bumps dotted her skin. A current of desire zoomed down her spine, and her panties became wetter. She didn’t answer the question at first. The music from inside penetrated the quiet atmosphere around them. Ava and he gently moved in a rhythmic, sensual dance.


“Yes, if only for a while.” She cuddled closer.


He pulled back, gazed into her eyes. “Oh?”


“Until tomorrow when you leave me.”


The deep grin of victory creased his lips. “Under one condition.”


She chuckled. He set rules of his own…how intriguing. “What’s that?”


“Tell me your name.”


“Just call me Ava.” Why did I give my real name?


“Ava, pretty name. My name’s Ford.”


“Oh, my favorite truck. Tell me, Ford….” She stroked the bulge between his legs. The jerk of his body sent the powerful effects of exhilaration through her.  “Can you tow a ton?”


His broad shoulders and strong arms pulled her hard against his muscular body. “I assure you my trailer hitch will fit your ball joint.”